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Welcome to my peachy - blog!

My name is Anna Bardaka, I have just finished my studies
in Tei of Athens at the Photography & Audiovisual Arts department.

I am from a loΟοvely island called Rhodes, but
for the last 5 years I live in Athens due to my studies and interests.

I cannot call myself just a photographer, since I
am interested in many and various forms of art. Fine Art photography,
painting, collage... while I am a kind of a self taught make up artist
as well!
I really have many things to say and to express so I will do my best!

Therefore, in my blog you can find anything
related to arts crafts and in make up art.

If you are interested in a partnership for a project or
anything else,
please feel free to contact me!

Have fun!

For bookings & questions 

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